Point Chevalier Goes to the Dogs

We are inviting you on

Saturday 21st October

to walk Pt Chev Rd and drop into view exhibits of dog themed Pottery and Jewellery

Clothing at Carpenters Daughter

Food at Mars Salt and Sweet

Dog themed jewellery

Dog Bowls
Dog Sculptures
Dog themed cups
Dog food crocks
Dog themed domestic ware

Chuck Joseph 

Dog Themed Pottery

Pottery by
Helen Perrett  
Susan St Lawrence 
Helen Adams
Elena Renker
Ann O’Sullivan 
Brendan Adams 
Chuck Joseph 
Joelle March
Suzy Dunser
Peter Lange
Carol Stewart 
Tineke Waist

Dog Boxes by Helen Perrett

Muntle Dog by Mark Goody

Susan St Lawrence

Dog Themed Plates

Susan St Lawrence

Dog Vases

Brendan Adams

Dog Food Crocks.
These lidded containers will look great on your bench and keep you dog kibble handy.

Dog Themed Jewellery

Whau Studio Jewellers will be exhibiting dog themed jewellery.

Click here for more information about Whau Studios.

Walking the Dog Brooches 
by Tania Patterson

Runaway Dogs
by Dorothy de Lautour

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