“Fallen Branch"

Lidded Box Height 20cm Width 10cm $180 Sold 

Cat Urn

Height 18cm Width 11cm $120

In our gallery now

This page features work from the latest kiln load.
These works are in our Front Room Gallery now.

If you would like to buy online email me at the address below.

More of Brendan's Work

Espresso Cups

Purple Disc Handle

Height 6cm $42

Turquoise Two Dots

Height 6cm $42

Green/White w Loop

Height 6cm $42


Height 6cm $42

Soft Pot Vases

Green Dotted Handle

Height 6cm $42

Turquoise Fish Tail

Height 6cm $42

Green Two Dots

Height 6cm $42

Dark Clay

Height 6cm $42

Medium Quatrefoil Earth Textures Shield “Logs"

Height 40cm Width 40cm $435 Sold

Medium Oval Shield "Assembly Point"

Height 43cm Width 23.5cm $435 Enquire at Art Form

Tiny Teapots

"Jester” Ball Teapot 

Height 12cm $135. Sold

Purple Cube Teapot 

Height 12cm $135 Sold

“Thomas” Cylinder Teapot 

Height 12cm $135

Racing Teapot Green

Height 13cm $220

Racing Teapot Flaming Spotted

Height 13cm $220

Broken Edge Bowls


Height 11cm Width25.5cm $195


Height 11cm Width 23cm $195


Height 12cm Width 23cm $195


Height 10cm Width 21.5cm $140 Sold

Soft Pot Vases


Height 16cm $85


Height 16cm $85  Sold


Height 16cm $85


Height 16cm $85

Green Rolled top Vases

Yellow and White Height 11-15 cm $56 to $65

Yellow Rolled top Vases

Turquoise with Runner H13cm $65

Red Rolled top Vases

Turquoise H 11 to 17cm $56-$85

Soft Glaze Cup with Staples

Yellow and White $56

Soft Glaze Cup with Staples

Green and White $56

Soft Glaze Cup Purple

Purple and White $56

Soft Glaze Cup with Staples

 Turquoise and White $56

Soft Glaze Cup with Staples

Green and White $56

Straight Sided Cup

Purple and White $56

Green/White Thrown Cup

$56 Sold

Green Square Bottom Cup


Dimpled Green/White Cup


Green and White Jug Set


Life Drawing on Clay

Brendan has developed a technique of drawing with clay slips on paper at his life drawing sessions. He then transferring them on to clay slabs with some interesting results.

Standing Nude

Height 18cm   $95 Sold

Standing Nude Back

Height 21cm $95

Nude on Quatrefoil Shield

Width 40cm $420

Lying Nude

Width 25cm $145

Broken Edge Vase 1.2kg 

Yellow and White Height 21 cm $110 Sold

Broken Edge Vase .5kg 

Turquoise with Runner H14cm $60

Broken Edge Vase

Turquoise H 17cm $75

Green “Quilt” Jug

Height 20cm $180

Burgandy Tapped Jug

Height 18cm $130

Purple Headed Dog

Height 12cm $140 Sold

Pewter Blockhead

Height 30cm Width 15cm At Art Form

Island with Red Figure Standing on Chair

Tiny Sculupture
Width 16.5 cm $185 Sold


Small Sculupture
Height 18 cm Sold

Jelly Fish Cup 

Height 12cm $85 

Jelly Fish Cup 

Height 12cm $85 Sold

Green Sculptural Cup

Height 11cm $120

Green Sculptural Cup with Dots

Height 12cm $120

Grass Platform Cup

Height 10cm $120

Sea Cup

Height 10cm $95 Sold


Height 30cm Ceramic, Glass, Electronics and Sterling Silver $650
This piece lights up when you press the switch,

Acoustic Ceramics

Over the last few years Brendan has been investigating and combining electronic componentry with ceramic design.

With these pieces I aimed to make functional objects that made sound. The limitless possibilities of hand formed ceramics lends itself to investigating unique shapes for this project. In the design and making of these pieces I felt the interaction with the user is important feature, (twiddling the ceramic knobs and flicking the switches). The open ceramic body had the added advantage of good acoustic qualities. I relished the challenge of combining the oldest technologies with the most modern.

Leaning Kitchen Radio with Bluetooth

Height 28cm x Width 28cm $1200

Green/Blue Pot

Height 37cm Width 24cm $650

Big Red Pot

Height 46cm Width 35cm $510

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