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Work from the latest kiln load

Work from Latest Kiln Load

 It’s been awhile since Brendan got out a kiln load out as he has been working on his sculptures for his exhibition at Art By the Sea.  But now he’s all in throwing on the wheel so expect to see new items coming out soon.  In the meanwhile there are some great piece in our Front Room Gallery now.  If you see anything on our websiteyou would like to buy any send us an email so we can arrange payment and delivery (North Island $10 South Island $15) or pick up. 


Turquoise Bowls

Life Drawing on Clay


Standing Figure Blue

Life Drawing on Clay H 26 x W 16 x D 3.5cm $280


Sitting Figure Green Room

Life Drawing on Clay H 26 x W 16 x D 3.5cm $280


Standing Figure Green 

Life Drawing on Clay H 30 x W 17 x D 4.5cm $350


Side on Figure Red Frame

Life Drawing on Clay H22  x W 15 x D 3.5cm $220

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