BAD Matakana Pottery Studio Coming!

We have now moved and are in the process of setting up a new pottery studio in Matakana, but this may take sometime.  It takes awhile to set up a BAD studio!


Moving the Kiln from Pt Chev


It’s hard to say goodbye to a place you have loved living a working but it’s time to move on to the next chapter.  Getting kiln out was not too bad a job.

Video of kiln moving out of Pt Chev

Moving the Kiln into Matakana


Moving the kiln along the gravel driveway was not easy and as we only had two movers and a trolly with small wheels it was not possible to get the kiln down the slopy grass driveway leading to under the house where it will hopefully go...

Video of Kiln Moving into Matakana 

Runaway Sale

Th sale is now over. We had a fantastic response to the videos and almost all the work has now sold. There is still work at the galleries we stock these are listed on our contact page.
After 24 years we are moving out of Pt Chev! We are moving to a smaller home and studio just outside of Matakana. We’re sad to leave Pt Chev but we are excited about the move.

In cleaning things up we have discovered some interesting pieces in the dark corners of the studio. There are some unique pieces that have yet to find a new home.

Here’s your chance to grab a bargain and help us lighten our load and even rescue some make an offer pieces from the skip .

We were hoping to have a big sale and have everyone around, but even at level 3 this would be impossible. So we have been selling from videos on Facebook and YouTube we have been getting a good response. Go to the link below if you would like to see and get in touch with us and you can pick up at level 3 if you find something you want.

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