"A Fine Balance”  was at Art by the Sea, October 2020

Following his very successful exhibition; "Navigating Everyday Spaces" Brendan carried on making the pieces in this exhibtion using brass,ceramics and wood.

“The name of this exhibition was lifted from the title of one of my favourite books, “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry. In this book life hangs in the balance for 2 of the main characters as they live through a precarious existence. However all the way through the book lives a positivity and hope for the future.

In these works I have been playing with forms cantilevered on wire rods balancing from a single point on the wall. Each object and counter weight carry their own particular quality both physically and emotionally.  The implication of many of these works circles around the topic of the way we live in our physical environment, and how we strive for a balance.

When you hang these pieces on their sculptured hooks you need to find the balance by moving the ceramic objects or sliding the brass sleeve to find the balancing point. I find this interaction with the pieces to be very satisfying.”

Click here to see some of the pieces in the show

If you would like to see a copy of the photo catalogue click here.

Brass and Ceramic Hanging Wall Sculptures

Material: Ceramic and Brass Rod


Drop Balance I

Height 35cm Width 36cm $850


Drop Balance II

Height 33cm Width 28cm $850


Drape Balance II

Height 38cm Width 43cm $1200


Colour Swatches

Height 52cm Width 28cm $1200


Colour Swatches

Height 50cm Width 30cm $1200

Free Standing Pieces

Material: Ceramic and Brass


Scoffolding Vase Small

Height 26cm x Width 11cm



Scaffolding Vase Yellow House

Height 46cm x Width 10cm $900


Manifold On Stand Green

Height 25cm x Width 20cm $900


Manifolds on Stand White and Yellow

White H 22cm x W 26cm Yellow H 23cm x W21cm $900 each

Wooden Panel Wall Sculptures

Materials: Ceramic, Wood, Brass Rod, Copper, Aluminium 

In these wall pieces I have used different objects and materials to create scenes from different times and places in my life. They describe a small story relating to space, interiors, exteriors and our relationships with them. I have left the narrative open for the viewer to find their own stories.  


Blue O

Height 45cm x Width 60cm Depth 7cm $2800