Next Exhibition in our Front Room "Other Times Other Places"

Heather and Stuart first met in Hawkes Bay in 1975 and built a brick diesel kiln together, rather pretentiously call “The Buddha’s Armpit”!  . Inspired by attending a “Do” at Driving Creek, they moved to Coromandel in a Bedford K truck, and a Morris Minor with two children [Heather's] and a dog [Stuart's]. Eventually life took other turns and directions and 35 years or so later, they met unexpectedly again at ASP!
The title of the Show, Other Times and Other Places, refers to this long association as well as to the work itself.

Heather explains that the toys have their origin in the past and in our own nostalgia for the innocence of childhood. Now separated and individualised, they live in a kind of unease of being. All is not as it seems. They experience the anxiety of their transition into an unknown future and their “not yet humanness”

Stuart's work is a combination of saltglazed pots, woodfired in the ASP kilns and work from a recent trip to Jingdezhen, China. These pots are slipcast from moulds made from original thrown pieces. In China, he experimented with some slab built porcelain and hopes to develop this further on a return residency in 2019

Work Featured in our Front Room Gallery

Below is a small selection of work that is in the gallery at present. If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, send me an email to arrange payment and freight.

To see more work go to Brendan Adams Work page.

Broken Edged Sculptured Bowl 3kg

H17cm x W 25cm x 6.5cm  $250

Rough Clay Sculptured Bowl 2kg

H 11.5cm x W 22 cm $150

Rough Clay Sculptured Bowl 4kg

H 14cm x W32cm   $300

Yellow Sculptured Bowl 2kg

H11.5cm x W 22cm approx  $150

Purple Sculptured Bowl 3kg

H 11.5cm x W 22 cm approx  $250

Rough Clay Sculptured Bowl 3kg


Large Flared Vessel

Height 46cm Width 32cm Enquire at Burning Issues Gallery

Large Nested Perfume Bottles

Height 60cm, 46cm, 44cm Width 30cm $1200

Green Big Pot

Height 46cm Width 25cm  Enquire at Burning Issues Gallery

Yellow Big Pot

Height 46cm Width 22cm Please Enquire at Art By The Sea

Large Vase with Handles

Height 46cm Width 25cm $550

Big Red Pot

Height 46cm Width 24cm  Please address enquiries to ARTFORM where it is currently.

"Running Man" Small White Wall Sculpture

Height 23cm Width 12cm $220 Sold

“Red House” Small White Wall Sculpture

Height 17cm Width 17cm $220 

“Purple Sitting Figure Under the Tree”
Tiny Wall Sculpture

Height 16cm Width 8cm $120

“Three Residents”
Tiny  Wall Sculpture

Height 13cm Width 14cm $120

"Under the Tree”
Tiny Wall Sculpture

Height 14cm Width 10cm $120 Sold

“Steps” Tiny Sculpture

Height 12cm Width 8cm $95 Sold

“Resident with Cypress Tree”
Tiny Wall Sculpture

Height 15cm Width 7.5cm $120

“Resident with Big leaf” Tiny Sculpture

Height 16cm Width 10cm $120

“Two Trees”
Tiny Sculpture

Height 13cm Width 15cm $120 Sold

“Relaxed” Tiny Sculpture


"Yellow Figure Under Tree"

This is a small sculptures rather than tiny.
Its H 26.5cm x W 8.5cm x 6.5cm  $220

"Seated Figure on Top of Steps"

This is a small sculptures rather than tiny.
Its H 18cm x W 11cm x 6cm   Enquire at Next Door Gallery

"Looking Up"

This is a small sculptures rather than tiny.
Its H 16cm x W 6cm x 6cm  $160

Two Ringed Candlestick

Height 30cm $120

Blue Handle Candlestick

Height 30cm $120

Button Candlestick

Height 30cm Please address enquiries to NEXT DOOR GALLERY where is currently.

Patterned Candlestick

Height 30cm $120 Sold

Southern Cross III

Ceramic, Aluminum, Wood, Copper Sheet  H125cm x W 70cm  $2200


Panel wall sculpture  Wood, Brass Ring, Ceramic, Copper Sheet H 85cm x W 40cm $1200  Sold

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