In the workshop

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These works will be in Brendan’s work shop while the exhibition is on.
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In the workshop


“Bird Congress"

Extra Large Earth Textures Oval Shield $950 Height  73cm x Width 34cm.

Recent Exhibition in our Front Room Gallery


Contiuing on from his practice of choosing a single theme to work on over a year (Teapot Show, Cup Show) Brendan has chosen to work on Looped pieces this year. "I have always been attracted to Paul Klee’s series of aches paintings, the arched forms can be seen as striving figures, architectural pieces or landscape forms.”
Brendan is making big sculptural pieces along side some more or less functional small pieces; "Careful How you Pick Them Up Cups".

Click here to see work in the Loopy Show



An exhibition at Kereru Gallery 

Escape to a room full of powerful landscapes and seascapes.
Panoramas in paint, etching, glass and clay fill our gallery space with a mix of energy, wonder and serenity.
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