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A Year of Cups On Now at Brendan Adams Front Room Gallery till 26th November

“Over this year I have been making cups for this show, the aim was to have one unique cup for every day of the year. The simple cup is one of the basic items that most potters produce over their career. They are made to be used everyday and with this continuous contact you can develop a strong personal relationship with a favourite cup. Hopefully some of these cups will end up being someone’s special cup.”
Come along to our home-based studio and gallery and see how the cup project went. On the opening day along with the gallery the pottery studio and our home will be open.

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Click Here to see Catalogue of Cups

You can purchase online via email

Southern Cross III

Ceramic, Aluminum, Wood, Copper Sheet  H125cm x W 70cm  $2200


Panel wall sculpture  Wood, Brass Ring, Ceramic, Copper Sheet H 85cm x W 40cm $1200


Blue Sidewise Handle Teapot Thrown and Altered

 Height 29cm $380

Purple Racing Slipcast Teapot

33cm Long $195

Pinched Scaffolding Teapot Turquoise 

Height 24.5cm $330

Red Circles Slipcast Teapot 

Height 20cm $185.

Mountain Small Coiled and Pinch Teapot

Height 18.5cm $300

Purple Sidewise Handle Teapot Thrown and Altered

Height 29cm $380

Steam Boat Thrown and Altered Teapot 

Width 24cm $220

"Interiors" Iceberg Slipcast Teapot 

 Height 27cm $280

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