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Blackstock & Badams
badams Front Room Gallery
Open every day till 18th November
10am to 5pm

Chasing the Ooze

Thomas won the “Wallace Artist Residency” prize at the annual Fire & Clay Show 2017.  The work in this show is the result of this residency.
"Chasing the ooze began with noticing that the slow crawl of viscous substances (ooze) sparked my imagination and suggested something a bit primal. Breaking formal boundaries and obscuring the classical structures that underlie many of these pots with different interpretations of this 'ooze' felt somehow forbidden, but satisfying...and a bit fun. I found it impossible to 'ooze up' anything without a grin on my face."

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Acoustic Ceramic

Over the last few years Brendan has been investigating and combining electronic componentry with ceramic design.

With these pieces I aimed to make functional objects that made sound. The limitless possibilities of hand formed ceramics lends itself to investigating unique shapes for this project. In the design and making of these pieces I felt the interaction with the user is important feature, (twiddling the ceramic knobs and flicking the switches). The open ceramic body had the added advantage of good acoustic qualities. I relished the challenge of combining the oldest technologies with the most modern.

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Portage Ceramic Award

Exhibition at Te Uru from 9th November 2018 -10th February 2019

Brendan Ceramic Kitchen Radio with Bluetooth

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Loops, Vessels and Landscapes

In this group of work Brendan has taken landscape and naturally growing elements to make forms that grow out of the table top, like mangroves.

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Kings College Art Sale

Pewter and Ceramic Sculptures

Brendan has put together a group of small pewter figure sculptures on ceramic stands for the Kings College Art Sale.

Opening Night Party. 
Friday 2nd November
Greenbank Gymnasium, King’s College

To purchase tickets go to Kings College Art Sale

Admission to the Art Sale is free over the weekend.

Date: Saturday 3 November
Time: 10am - 4pm

Date: Sunday 4 November
Time: 10am - 3pm

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Navigating Everyday Spaces

An Exhibition by Brendan Adams

Brendan has been hard at work over the last few months finishing these sculptural pieces. It is his first major show since the "Passing Landscape" exhibition in 2015.

"Our relationship with interior and exterior spaces plays important part in the shaping of who we are.

In this show I have made a number of pieces from very small to larger wall pieces that investigate the relationships of single figures and groups of figures in constructed landscape and architectural interiors."

The main material will be ceramic with the inclusion of wood and metal combining the physical and graphic characteristics of the different materials to achieve a spacial dialogue.

For more information go to Art by the Sea

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Fresh out of the Kiln

Each time Brendan fires the kiln I will be posting up photo’s of what came out.

These works will be in our Front Room Gallery, we are open
Wed-Fri 10am -5pm
Sat-Sun 10am-3pm
or by appointment

If you would like to buy online send an email to me. 

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Exhibitions in our Front Room Gallery

Periodically we have exhibitions of invited potters

For the opening of these exhibition we open our home and studio up.  These openings have always been well attended and social events.   Many past and present potters, family, friends and collectors come along and enjoy a catch and enjoy the work.

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