Acoustic Ceramics

Over the last few years Brendan has been investigating and combining electronic componentry with ceramic design.

With these pieces I aimed to make functional objects that made sound. The limitless possibilities of hand formed ceramics lends itself to investigating unique shapes for this project. In the design and making of these pieces I felt the interaction with the user is important feature, (twiddling the ceramic knobs and flicking the switches). The open ceramic body had the added advantage of good acoustic qualities. I relished the challenge of combining the oldest technologies with the most modern.

Animal Kitchen Radio 

Height 30 x Width 33cm $950 SOLD

Leaning Kitchen Radio with Bluetooth

Height 28cm x Width 28cm $1200

Terracotta Kitchen Radio

Height 31cm x Width 16cm $850

Purple Kitchen Radio and Bluetooth

Height 27cm x Width19cm. $1200

Green Kitchen Radio with Bluetooth

Height 32cm x Width 36cm $1400

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