Rough Clay Thrown Pot Green/Blue
Height 35cm Width 25cm  $490

Big Pots and Big Bottles

This pot is in our Front Room Gallery.

If you would like to buy online email me at the address below.

More of Brendan’s Work

Open One Handle Pinched Vessel

Height 53cm Width 32cm Enquire at Kanuka Galllery Sold

Large Twin Handle Pinched Pot

Height 52cm, Width 301cm Enquire at Kanuka Galllery

Large Flared Vessel

Height 46cm Width 32cm Enquire at Burning Issues Gallery

Large Nested Perfume Bottles

Height 60cm, 46cm, 44cm Width 30cm Equire Zea u Corner

Green Big Pot

Height 46cm Width 25cm  Enquire at Burning Issues Gallery

Yellow Big Pot

Height 46cm Width 22cm Please Enquire at Art By The Sea Sold

Large Vase with Handles

Height 46cm Width 25cm $550

Big Red Pot

Height 46cm Width 24cm $680

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