Pebbledash Ooze Pot

Height 48cm $485

Blackstock & Badams

Chasing the Ooze

Thomas won the “Wallace Artist Residency” prize at the annual Fire & Clay Show 2017.  The work in this show is the result of this residency.
"Chasing the ooze began with noticing that the slow crawl of viscous substances (ooze) sparked my imagination and suggested something a bit primal. Breaking formal boundaries and obscuring the classical structures that underlie many of these pots with different interpretations of this 'ooze' felt somehow forbidden, but satisfying...and a bit fun. I found it impossible to 'ooze up' anything without a grin on my face."

Minion Ears

Height 45cm  $485


Height 45cm. $485

No Ears

Height 45cm $485


Height 51cm $520. SOLD

The Ooziest of Them All

Height 46.5cm. $485

Walk Like an Egyptian

Height 51cm. 

Classical Reference Ooze Pot

Height 49cm. $375

One the Day Ooze Pot

Height 44cm $385

What's Pink, What’s White

Height 45cm $430

Oozy Minion Vases

Oozy Minion Vase No.1

Height 20cm $130

Oozy Minion Vase No.2

Height 20cm $130

Oozy Minion Vase No.3

Height 20cm $130

Ooozy Colony of Nine

Colony No.5 

Height 20cm. $75 SOLD

Colony No.3

Height 20cm $75

Colony No.2

Height 20cm $75


Height 23.5cm. $150


Height 22.5cm. $150

Custard Top

Height 19.5cm $150

Standing Proud and Chewing Gum

Height 22.5cm. $140

Assembled Stricken Vessel

Assembled Stricken Vessel No. 9

Height 21cm $150


Height 21cm  $150

Assembled Stricken Vessel No. 10

Height 20.5cm  $150

Assembled Stricken Vessel No. 11

Height 19.5cm  $150

Assembled Stricken Vessel No. 1

Height 19.5cm $150

Assembled Stricken Vessel No. 10c

Height 19.5cm  $150

Assembled Stricken Vessel No.5

Height 20.5cm  $150

Assembled Stricken Vessel No. 8

Height 20cm  $150

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