Navigating Everyday Spaces the correct end date for the exhibition is 16th October

Art by the Sea will have the unsold work after the exhibition.

Brendan has been hard at work over the last few months finishing these sculptural pieces. It is his first major show since the "Passing Landscape" exhibition in 2015.
"Our relationship with interior and exterior spaces plays important part in the shaping of who we are.
In this show I have made a number of pieces from very small to larger wall pieces that investigate the relationships of single figures and groups of figures in constructed landscape and architectural interiors.
I have used ceramic, wood and metal, combining the physical and graphic characteristics of the different materials to achieve a spacial dialogue. 

Putting parts together that make a whole, to tell a story. In this show I have endeavoured to create spaces in which people, buildings and objects are held, trapped. I have always loved the space and stillness in a de Chirico painting. A place where time is halted. In making these works I hope to have created this sense of stillness and place."

Block Sculptures

Material: Ceramic

“Life Details"

Height 22cm x Width 48cm 

Smokehouse II

Height 52cm x Width 27cm


Colony I

Height 60cm x Width 23cm

Smokehouse I

Height 42cm x Width 40cm

Colony II

Height 64cm x Width 36cm

Wooden Panel Wall Sculptures

Materials: Ceramic, Wood, Brass Rod, Copper, Aluminium 

In these wall pieces I have used different objects and materials to create scenes from different times and places in my life. They describe a small story relating to space, interiors, exteriors and our relationships with them. I have left the narrative open for the viewer to find their own stories.  

“Long Grass"

Height 42cm x Width 98cm


Height 30cm x Width 71cm

Reveal II

Height 28cm x Width 56cm


“The Runner"

Height 32cm x Width 74cm



Height 62


Reveal I

Height 38cm



Height 28cm x Width 97cm


Height 30cm x Width 58cm



“Eight Windows"

 Width 97cm


Height 81cm x Width 50cm

“Awa iti”.  

Height 45cm Width 77cm  



 Width 97cm

Space Frame Wall Sculptures

Material: Ceramic, Brass Rod, Copper

In these pieces I have looked at the relationship between architectural forms and spaces that they describe. By using forced perspective and odd angles I have played with forms, spaces and scale. 



"The Arborists House"

Height 12 cm x Width 25cm


“Walking Crowd"

Height 17 cm x Width 36cm

“Vantage Point"

Height 10 cm x Width 28cm


“Lone Standing Figure"

Height 15 cm x Width 26cm



Height 17cm x Width 36cm


"White Building Turquoise Tree"

Height 15 cm x Width 22cm


"Standing Figure with Arch"

Height 16 cm x Width 27cm


"Cabbage Tree"

Height 15 cm x Width 22cm


“Standing Figure"

Height 11 cm x Width 30cm


Block Wall Sculptures

Material: Ceramic


Height 20cm x Width 36cm

“Loops Landscape"

Height 26 cm x Width 26cm.   ON HOLD

Walking Figure

Height  27cm x Width 9cm


Turquoise Building Windswept Tree

Height 35cm x Width 19cm


Porcelain Sitting Figure

Height 35cm x Width 19cm

“Blue Interior"

Height  31cm x Width 20cm

“Yellow Brambles"

Height 32cm x Width 16.5cm


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