‘To Spite Your Face"

Height 18cm $280. SOLD

Soda Firing

This page features work that Brendan has fired in his soda kiln.
Designed by Peter Lange, Brendan built the kiln in our backyard with Thomas Blackstock.  

Initally it was challenging to fire the kiln using lots of gas so it would get up to temperature, 1200 ºc.  By the 3rd firing they think they have it sussed.

These works are in our Front Room Gallery now.

If you would like to buy online email me at the address below.

More of Brendan's Work

Red Soda Fired Vase

21cm $110 SOLD

Blue Soda Fired Vase

Height 19cm $95

Copper Red Demitasse Cup


Black Demitasse Cu[s


Soda Fired Cup


Tiny Extruded Soda Fired Jugs

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