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"After the success of the Teapot Project one thing I found rewarding was that by spreading out the making over the whole year I could push around lots of different ideas. It was interesting to get out teapots that I had made many months earlier and put in the cupboard as we assembled the show and to see how things had developed.  This lead me on to the idea that I could apply the same process to cups.”   

In 2017 Brendan's project was to focus in on cups. Fifty-two cups seemed too little a target to aim for so he decided to go for it and make 365 cups, one for each day of the year. If you buy the whole show out you won't have to wash cups for a whole year!

“Over this year I have been making cups for this show, the aim was to have one unique cup for every day of the year. The simple cup is one of the basic items that most potters produce over their career. They are made to be used everyday and with this continuous contact you can develop a strong personal relationship with a favourite cup. Hopefully some of these cups will end up being someone’s special cup.”

The Cup Show was on  in our Front Room Gallery on November 2017

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Cups can be purchased online via email

September Cups

16th September Cup

 Height 12cm    $65

8th September Cup

Height 5cm $65

29th September Cup

Height 12cm $65

14th September Cup

Height 9cm $65.

13th September Cup

Height 7cm $65 Sold

26th September Cup

Height 8.5cm $65

1st September Cup

Height 7cm $65

30th September Cup

Height 7.5cm $65

September Cups

As part of A Year of Cups exhibition Brendan challenged himself to make one cup a day in September.  Each cup is hand pinched and has the date stamped on it.
To see more cups click here to go to the Cup Project page

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